The Three Musketeers

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This site was created by three teenagers (aka musketeers) as a place where we review and discuss books that will edify us and help us to understand the world around us. We hope this will be helpful to anyone who wants to join us in exploring the world through reading. We especially hope that it will be helpful to other teenagers who struggle to find quality books or want a place to think about those books.

We approach every book with a Christian worldview, evaluating the worldview of the book through that lens. That does not mean that we only read Christian books (far from it!), but it means we think critically about what each book says and how it aligns with Truth as revealed in God’s Word, the Bible, and this is reflected in our reviews and blog posts.

Because each of us is a different person and prefers different books, we’ve given each author a separate page for reviews. Perhaps you will find you prefer one person’s style better than the other two. We wanted it to be easy for you to categorize the books. You can learn about each of us on our About Us page

Blog posts will contain not only reviews, but thoughts on specific books or reading in general. This is where we will ask questions of books, discuss ideas, and generally write down thoughts and advice related to reading.

We’re just setting off on an adventure to explore books in greater depth. We hope you will join us!